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We’ve looked before at national trends. But what about a specific city? One that lends its name to a great Sufjan Stevens song? Like, say, Chicago?

Chicago teachers' starting salary - over time

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Whatever your stereotypes about wealthy private schools, it doesn’t apply to their faculties. Private school teachers make way less money.

The gap is larger for some groups (like elementary teachers), and smaller for others (like teachers with Doctor’s). But at all levels of experience and education, the chasm persists.

Public v. Private - teacher salaries, selected groups

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Gather round, kids! Your teacher’s going to tell you a story about the historical fluctuations in his compensation package!

If we just adjust for inflation, teacher salaries look pretty flat. They climbed throughout the ’60s, dipped in the ’70s (not keeping pace with rapid inflation), rebounded in the ’80s, and haven’t changed much since.

Teacher salaries over time - adjusted for inflation

But “flat adjusted for inflation” doesn’t necessarily mean “flat.” Maybe other salaries have gone up, even after adjusting for inflation, while teacher pay has stayed the same. In that case, teacher pay is falling behind.

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