Apparently, 1981 was the winter of teachers’ discontent. Dissatisfaction among teachers climbed during the 1970s, peaked early in the 1980s, and then declined again, before leveling off in the early 1990s.

Would you be willing to teach again - over time

Why were teachers in 1981 so dissatisfied that less than half said they’d be willing “to teach again”? Beats me. (It’s worth noting that their salaries bottomed out around then, too.) It’s also not clear what the question means: “teach again next year,” or “teach again if you could live your life over”? In any case, the 1980s were not happy times for teachers.

Source: National Center of Education Statistics

Disclaimer: For easier comparison, I collapsed “Certainly Would” and “Probably Would” into one category (and did the same for “Would Not”). I also omitted “Chances About Even,” which explains why the numbers don’t add up to 100% for any given year.