Do private schools hire fancier, PhD-toting teachers? Sometimes, yes.

But they’re more likely to employ teachers with little or no experience. At privates, 1 in 4 teachers are green, compared with 1 in 7 at publics. Teachers at privates are also 10 times as likely as their public-school counterparts to lack a Bachelor’s degree.

Public v. Private - teacher experience (revised)

Public v. Private - teacher education (revised)

Privates have plenty of experienced teachers, too. More than 20% have been teaching two decades or longer. That’s a similar proportion to public schools. And private-school teachers are almost 3 times as likely to hold a PhD.

Source: National Center of Education Statistics

Disclaimers: These numbers don’t quite match other NCES data suggesting that more than 60% of teachers have Master’s or specialist degrees. I’m not sure how to account for the disparity. Also, private schools are highly diverse, and the NCES data doesn’t allow us to distinguish, say, parochial from non-parochial schools.